cnc buy confusing

i buy equity cnc for value INR 20000 on 1st day of month. then sell it later 6th day value INR 20000.
my question 1) is I am able to purchase another equity on 6th day value INR 20000 ?
2) or I have wait for 7th day ?

a very small bit of cooperation required from your broker.your 6th day sale proceed will be credited on 8th day late afternoon say 4 pm ( assuming all 3 are working days) wherein your 6th day purchase payment will be required by 1 pm or so…but in my view the broker do have such provisions by way of his pay in -pay out obligations. and unless the amount involved is very huge there should not be any issue.

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i think i have read about pay in pay out chapter also assuming my question is for the pay in pay out chapter.

@sabkaview I do that same earlier but some how I am not aware of rules.
I have zerodha account. sell delivery next day of T+2 and the amount is showing - (minus), as I believe in practical so I used the fund same day but the contract note is for not the regular guy like me.
any penalties or fees I have to pay for that ?

there is no official penalty or fee but a lot depends on your broker too particularly discount brokers and i came to know from this portal itself that some discount broker do not charge brokerage (zero) on delivery trades. they may be adjusting it through higher demat charges, auto square off charges , leverage on your purchased shares by keeping in self account for days and also some of the expenses in contract note which not every broker levy or else can not understand how these brokers survive in a wafer thin margin business.

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@sabkaview thanks for your reply
but for low brokerage surviving you cant ignore the volumes.
Yes contracts note are for all and system generated so big player will think about it, thanks to zerodha to provide such easy and discount platform.