CNC for a day validity!

I’m new to trading and i just bought stocks through CNC for a day it right that until i sell them they will be in my orders??and until i sell them for low price there will not be any loss?? Please do ans

Once you BUY a stock under the CNC Product type, it is in the process of getting transferred to your demat account.

It stays in your demat account, until you manually sell it.

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Thank you!!! Thanks for responding so soon to the startups too. Ill love to ask many more questions and get answers for them!!

I can’t see them in my orders list the next day.but my amount got debited for that stocks. Will i get that amount back?? I did not sell them. How they got disappear?

They should be visible under your holdings.


Thnq saumidh!! :+1: i saw them in DP holdings. What does DP holding mean??