Cnc orders stop loss orders


If the algo is running for cnc type trading and if the loss or profit target is not met on the same day.

Will the orders are created by streak for the next day ? … Like for both profit and loss stop loss orders are created every day or not?

I don’t think so. For CNC types the exchange automatically purges all orders at EOD or the end of trading session so the next day you or your system needs to place those stop loss and target orders again…

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Yes, I know that all orders pending will be cancelled by exchange. But I would like to know whether streak can create orders over days untill the the loss or profit target are met.

Other wise creating loss and profit target orders everyday in morning is lot of work for user.

Yep it is a lot of work indeed for swing or positional traders to be placing the same orders over and over again each day right at the market open when the volatility is at peak on most days

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All SL-M orders for CNC algos is valid only for the day and will not be placed on the consecutive day. However the Target Profit Alert will be placed when the signal is generated over same or next day only for CNC.

When will we have both buy and sell within same algo.

Entry and Exit based on strategy is live.

Not just entry and exit.
Exit and reverse.
Like in Pi.
Long, exit long, short, exit short