CNC Sell Limit Order Execution During Pre Open Market

During pre open market i placing cnc sell limit order of 50 qty at 191 and in market watch the buyers is available at 191 at 200 qty

  • will my order will be executed

  • if partial order is executed then remaining order will be cancelled or it will be placed at open market price

CNC Sell Order


If your order is matched, it will be executed. If your order is partially executed, the remaining quantity will be carried forward to the regular market.

  • The remaining qty will be executed as market order or limit orders

  • Shall i cancel the pending orders

Your limit order will be carried forward as Limit order.

If you want to, you can cancel the pending order.

Also you can read this, to know more about how pre-open session works.

thanks for the pdf will check it out can i place limit order above the upper circuit limit in pre open market session will it allow to place sell order above the upper ciruit limit price for f&o stocks

Your order should be within Circuit Limit’s.