CNC Shares in smallcase & Kite?

I have few CNC type Shares in Zerodha Kite.
I can create Smallcase for these shares also.
Both for Long term means Invest now, sale after year or later.
Question: -

  1. As I can keep same company share in both so which is beneficial,
    keeping share in Kite or keeping share in Smallcase?
  2. what is exact benefit?
  3. Can I move share to SmallCase from kite & Vice Versa?
    Following is cross verification of my knowledge
  4. Keeping CNC type share in Kite or smallcase is not same way as investing in MF…
    In MF, AMC company do intraday or something behalf of customer & share benefit to customer…Right?
  5. In Kite or Small Case , customer have to keep eye on Share price up-down for fetch benefit.

Need more guidance.

Oh my.

Shares bought on Kite, shares bought on smallcase and mutual funds bought on Coin - all of this goes to your Zerodha Demat account.

1, 2. Go through the benefits of creating your own smallcase
3. you cannot move shares between smallcase and Kite - the only way is to sell in one of the places and buy in the other place
4. in mutual funds, the fund managers pick the stocks and manage the fund but this is still subject to market risk
5. the customer has to keep an eye on everything for fetch benefit - Kite holdings, smallcase holdings and coin holdings - all of them are your responsibility.

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