Cnc stocks and mis stocks

Can i buy a stock today in nse and sell after few months in bse? (Delivery based trade)

Can i buy a stock today in nse and sell in bse on same day? (Itraday based trade)

Yes, you can do this.

This is currently not possible.

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As i understand buying on nse and selling on bse intraday in not possible ? how was it allowed today for square off?

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@ShubhS9 hi, can you please throw some light on the above question.

This is possible due to Interoperability among Clearing Corporations directive from SEBI -

This explanation was made before july 1st and it says 3 months to implement which should be October.

My question was on january, @ShubhS9 said intraday between exchanges was not possible.

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Exactly, on 5-Jan-2021 it wasn’t possible as per Shubh and suddenly on 24-Feb-2021, it became possible? How come?


Netting off during the day is not possible as of now, in this case you have bought on nse and sold one on bse so they will be two open positions with twice margins blocking till eod and after close of session both will be netted off and margins will be released.
If interoperability is introduced one can buy on nse and sell on bse on same day with net off position and no margins being blocked.

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“after the close of session both will be netted off” is it netted off using auction penalty or normal process


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Can you please clarify at what price will it be netted of?

Also , Based on your explanation if i short reliance 10 stock in bse and buy 5 stock in nse . After the session closes

5 stocks would be netted of normal
5 stocks would ggo for auction penalty


You say netting off during the day is not possible as of now but @zerodha did that Wednesday around 3 to 3:15 pm , how?

We added extra margins to do that, even now you can sell in BSE and buy in NSE using CNC but to sell you need share in your demat and to buy in NSE you need full margin, for eod it will be netted off. If interoperability is there then you can sell share in BSE and buy back the same in NSE without extra margin required to buy in NSE.


@siva @ShubhS9

I bought in nse (few weeks before) and sold on bse(today) ? Delivery trade
I bought in bse (few weeks before) and sold on nse? Delivery trade

Is the both scenario possible, As of today?

Yes, once the stocks are in your holdings, you can sell on any exchange you want to.

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When you short, you have mis and cnc , for mis margin is asked where as for cnc margin is not asked, So does does Zerodha check if have sufficient quantity in demat account?

Yes, if you want to sell in CNC you need to have sufficient shares of that stock in the holdings.

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