Coding help and scanner

dear sir

i would request your coding help for a very basic strategy of mine , i would actually require two different sets of coding , i am a newbie to this whole coding and back testing stuff so kindly bear with me .

the first one : i would want the expert advisor to show me a buy signal whenever a stock reaches its

6 month low on the Bollinger bandwidth , i dont mind even if its for a candle or for a second , just need an

intimation when it hits six month low .

the second one : would want a sell signal when stock reaches an rsi of 70 and likewise a buy signal when

the stock reaches an rsi of 25.

i would like to also back test the above mentioned rsi strategy alone

buy at rsi 25 sell at rsi 40 stoploss rsi 13

sell at rsi 65 buy at rsi 45 stoploss rsi 82

along with the coding kindly help me step by step with pictorial presentation if possible where and how i need to cut copy paste your codes and how i need to back test .

i would need coding only for nse fno stocks alone .and the last question is do i need to individually screen for stocks or i can just add a list of stocks and expert advisor will automatically scan an intimate me if and when a stock reaches my required criteria .

kindly help me through .kindly bear with me since i am newbie.

As per the above query it is not possible to scan 6 months high and and low exactly

Buy Script:


Sell Script:


regarding the Pi usage you can check this demo