Codning query

Hi All,

I m want to script in zerodha for below scenario, Kindly help me on the same.

My stock current market price is 500. I want to buy when price is touch 505 or short when price touch 495. Please let know do do this/

Place a Stop loss order bro both sides. Why do you want to code and all?

Hi Dorskar,
I didnt buy that stock right now. Assume CMP is 500 in case it’s going up by 5 rs i want to buy or incase goingdown by 5 i want to short it. Hope i m clear now

Your entry order can be SL order bro. When it’s trading at 500, you can place a SL-M order to buy at 505 and SL-M order to sell at 495. By placing this order, it will buy if price goes to 505 and sell when price goes to 495 automatically.

thanks buddy. Can i place like this for bracket order also

No bro, Bracket order entry is Limit. SL not possible. I have been asking Zerodha to give this facility.