Coin 2.0 is awesome

Long time finally updated - super awesome @Bhuvan great work


That’s a great one! Congratulations to zerodha team.
Just curious, Will there be Kite 4.0 this year ?


What is awesome about it?

do we get CAGR?

can we sort by CAGR or XIRR?

All i see is just a bunch of UI changes.


When is it releasing ?


We need XIRR column on holding display

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yes you can get @trader_dude


Where is the CAGR of my investments?

CAGR of MFs is present in Coin 1.0 already.

I don’t see what is new in Coin 2.0.

Any change log ?

What is awesome here ? It is again a UI ramp up!!

Where are useful features ? Where is the Change log for V 2.0 ?


Is it also possible to add feature to customize the holding column to add XIRR and Expense Ratio ? It will be easier to track

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+1, didn’t find any change except UI.

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XIRR is shown in your holdings for each fund.

Let me think about this.

No plans as of now. Would just add a lot of complexity.

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Didn’t like the new UI at all. Looks like an app on the desktop.

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You give charts for each and every MF. Period are from 3months. Like Morning Star, for the charts, you can also start from week, 1 month etc additionally you can add two years charts. Its well and good. On Paytmmoney they give from 1 month CACG. Since you all have the data you can give from 1 week CAGR ETC…

OK… If displaying XIRR column adds complexity, at least, when we download CSV/XLS , it is possible to have extra column for XIRR (and experience ratio) ?

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Will explore this.

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@siva any big upgrade in kite in this new year