COIN Account Charges


There is no BSE Star MF charges.


What is the MF DP Charges xxxx STT No:xxxxxxxx under cost center Star MF shown in statement?
If its not BSE’s, then is this additional charge Zerodha is levying apart from Coin subscription charges?


Can this Q be answered? Who is the end beneficiary here? Zerodha? BSE? or CDSL?


DP charges are levied by the depository (CDSL).


DP in industry parlance is Depository Participant only. That would mean Zerodha here.

Since you are clarifying its CDSL’s, Can you please talk to your compliance department & change the charges in statement as CDSL charges?

If Zerodha is charging, as I am guessing, then can you please guide me to the TnC of Coin or these charges details page?



We’ve mentioned it here


There is no section for Mutual Fund / Coin’s charges. Please add that section.

BTW, I stumbled upon this, where another coin user is urging Zerodha to do the same

which refers to

So these DP charges are after all, Zerodha’s charges & its not being declared clearly everywhere.


We COLLECT the DP charge and pass it on to CDSL, we don’t charge anything over and above it. Not sure if you read it but that’s what the DP charges header on the charges page says.

You can keep asking us and the answer will remain the same. :slight_smile: There is no section for charges because there are no other charges. Even though MF units are held in demat mode, there is no brokerage charged, no transaction charges or other charges.