Coin Mutual Funds in Perfios

Hi Guys,

I am struggling to maintain the COIN mutual fund updates in perfios? There is no compatible option from either zerodha or from the demat repository.

I saw couple of queries similar to my question, but haven’t seen a response. Any ideas?


@Nakul can you speak to the perfios team and see what they need from our side.

Hello Nakul,

Any update?


@Nakul - any updates?

@nithin, @Nakul - guys would really appreciate if some response can be given. The question was asked 5 months ago…

Hey @MilindPansare, we are following up with the Perfios team regarding this. There are a few integrations pending. Will update you once this is done.

any updates?

@nithin, @Nakul - it’s been 8-9 months since this question was asked…do you have any ETA to share?

Hey Milind, sorry this had to be pushed back a little since the teams were working on different tasks. We’ve already started working on this now. It should be fixed soon.

@nithin - it’s been 4 years since i asked this question… do you guys plan to do this ever? a straight “no” answer at least would be appreciated rather than we are working on it…

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@Nakul ?

@Nakul @nithin please update these coin web version like pAytm or grow or Kuvera , still long years I am requesting to update the web based platform,

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@Nakul @nithin any update on this?