COIN Platform nighttime login issues


I am a new investor to Mutual Funds and came to know about Zerodha through word of mouth. My initial experience with the platform had been satisfactory, giving me confidence to grow my position here.

  • At night time the Coin platform becomes locked down i.e. i cannot login and check my portfolio or look around MFs. For service sector working professionals like me, night is time when i find myself with time at hand to look and think about my investments and plan next course of action. Restricting access to the platform calls into questions your will to server customers like me.



you are going to feel like a real fool when you realize your mistake here.

Look at your own post carefully to spot it.


Please trader dude, point it out. I am glad to learn and acknowledge my mistake. and thanks in advance



ok i will point it out. But please be careful when you invest.

The mistake is you are comparing Regular and direct plans of same fund. Their NAVs will not match since Regular funds include commissions by introducing brokers/Agents. Direct Plan don’t.

Do a simple google on this matter and you will get all the details.

Please do more research and ask questions like this.

Good on you.


@trader_dude got it. Thanks for pointing out the issue. I will modify the post to reflect/acknowledge the same.



I m sorry for calling you a fool.

I just assume people are informed about these matter.

Clearly there is a gap in investors knowledge and the advertisements by MF.


@trader_dude no offense taken. I made a mistake despite knowing about it from some earlier post. So the fault’s on me. Good that learned about it first hand. Will be more careful in the future. And thanks for being prompt with the correction, reputation of projects are easily tarnished by such rash judgements. I hope my rectification was in time to catch this. Apologies again and thanks.