Coin return vs XIRR

I would to understand more about the return shown in the coin app. In most of the time, we use XIRR to calculate the returns. But the coin return and the actual calculated returns vary. Below i have shown sample case where the XIRR and the return shown in coin is differs by more than 10%

What is the method used to calculate the return in coin and is it possible to get XIRR return for my investments

purchases marked in negative to calculate the XIRR

 10/12/19	-1000
 15/02/20	-3030
 27/02/20	-1250
 11/03/20	-2000
 10/06/20	-3500
 03/12/20	14193

XIRR calculated as per excel = 48%
Return shown in coin = 31%

@Bhuvan can you.

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Check this

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Thanks @Bhuvan & @ShubhS9 for the guidance. I got clarified on the returns shown in coin app

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Upto 1 year coin shows absolute returns. Above 1 year it shows XIRR returns