collateral margin for intraday positions

Hi…Suppose I pledge shares and receive collateral margin worth Rs. 2 Lakh after haircut. There is no cash balance in account. I use this margin for intraday positions in option selling only. If at the EOD I make loss of Rs. 5000 from this intraday position, Will I have to deposit cash or the same will be setoff from margin available ?

Hey @Mitesh_Dhoriya

You will have to deposit cash. If you don’t the RMS team could sell the pledged shares.

how much quantity of share…? equal to loss…?

how much qty…?

Correct, you will need to bring in the funds equivalent to the loss. (the quantity of shares squared off will be equivalent to the loss)

The square off will be at the discretion of the RMS team, however, they generally wait T+3 days for you to bring in the funds.

Update - The RMS team will wait T+2 days, and will square it off on the T+3rd day

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will collateral margin be updated daily as per price of the underlying stock?