Combined graph of NAV performances for all MFs since bought

Coin dashboard shows all the schemes I have and combined P&L which is a great. Could it also have a single graph of NAV prices of all the MFs from the date I started to invest? So if I start MF1 from Jan-19, another, MF-2, in March-2 and another, MF-3, in Aug-12, you could show a graph containing three NAV prices starting at different time period (with an option to show/hide closed MFs) till the current date or till I held the units.

This will greatly help us to understand how a scheme performs compared to other and would easily allows us to reshuffle the schemes. @NithinKamath, thoughts ?

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One such chart is available here, , but it is very old style. @NithinKamath, @nithin is there any plans for this?

Good idea Vivek, but I guess implementing this will be a challenge. You can normalize investment but because of multiple timelines involved, normalizing time is a challenge.

Btw, the link shows benchmarking of funds and not really different funds in 1 chart. Unless I’m missing something.

Indeed you can add multiple Funds and plot all of them in single graph @, it is nice way to compare funds. Keep choosing funds and “add”, when all are added, check the checboxes in left pan and plot graph.

  • Rather than taking NAV, taking percentage is much simpler.
  • Times of individual fund may not start at same time since we buy funds at different times.

When I buy Fund-X in Jan, it should consider that as 0 and start growth/decline based on percentage growth. By June, Fund-X could have appreciated to, say, 10% and when I buy Fund-Y on June, the graph could,

  • Show Fund-X at 10%
  • Show Fund-Y at 0.

If you think providing multiple starting point is not good idea, at the least provide us way to plot multiple Funds in single graph with common starting point as done by other site.

Thanks. I still think running this on SIPs could lead to erroneous graphs. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Will bounce this across to the team.

You may also look into adding the option for comparing NAVs with indices.

SIP shouldnt matter here, starting date of first SIP is enough…

Couldn’t find more related post. Did anyone get a chance to find a NAV graph plotter. The closest, I came across was here. But it lacks Direct MF NAVs. It’d be great, if someone can share better one?