Commodity index

I want to trade commodity Indices like MCX-Energy, MCX-COMDEX. But I am unable to find symbol/ticker for them.

Sent email to support team and afterwards spoke with them. Got to know that these Indices are not yet available on Zerodha.

Can you give tentative timelines when they will be available?

Commodity indices are not allowed for trading on Indian commodity exchanges. So, no broker in India can offer it yet unless the exchange introduces such a product. 

Only equity indices for now is allowed for trading, nifty, banknifty etc. 

Check the product link on the MCX website. 

Investors can choose to obtain a passive exposure to these commodity price indices through a total return swap or a commodity index fund. The advantages of a passive commodity index exposure include negative correlation with other asset classes such as equities and bonds, as well as protection against inflation.

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Thanks for your response.
After seeing OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE and LTP values for different indices on MCX site, I thought they can be traded.

Thanks. Is this passive exposure possible in India?
As Nitin mentioned above, none of the broker offers commodity Indices yet.

Is passive exposure possible in india?
I still wonder why OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE and LTP values for different indices on MCX site is mentioned if it can’t be traded.