Commodity margin

New sebi margin rules will impact on commodity.
I’m seeing now also #zerodha is providing margin in co order.
Is new margin rules effect on equity and f&0 segment not commodity segment?

Yes, new rules impact all F&O (Equity, Currency, Commodity).

The leverage offered will reduce in phased manner, as explained below.

From December - February: Max leverage 20x for stocks and 4x for F&O.
From March - May: Max leverage of 10x for stocks and 2x for F&O.
From June - August: Max leverage of 7x times for stocks and 1.33x for F&O.
From September 2021: Max leverage of 5x for stocks and no leverage in F&O.

So from September 2021 the maximum intraday leverage will be 5x in Equity and no intraday leverage in F&O (Equity, Currency, Commodity).

Thank you