Company has to spend around rs 100 per year on my holding worth rs 15


As per company records i hold only 1 share in physical form .market price is rs 15. every year i get dividend pay order of 80 PAISA (0.80 rs ) and annual report both by registered post.sometime postal ballot form too by registered post. this way on my holding of rs 15 the company spend on average around rs 100 per year . i do not even have share certificate .
is there anyway to stop these regulatory expenses which ultimately are extracted from shareholders reserves.


Just now received KYC update form by registered post…lot of money being spent on my holding of 1 share worth rs 15.


It is just 100rs.
Company is not going to bankrupt for spending that 100 rs on you.
Look at this way - Company is not spending that 100 rs on 1 share of 15 rs, it is spending it on 1 person.
Somebody holding like 10000 shares - company will spend same 100 rs on him.
So if there are 10,000 share holders - total cos spend is 1000000. You are the poor 10001th guy. So company is spending 1000100 on 10001 guys. So total increase in spending is 0.01rs only.