Composite indicator

Hello Team,

How do I create simple composite indicator and add it to chart indicator/studies list ? I am willing to create simple EMA cross over and save it for future use for all charts. How do I do that ?

In Pi it is already given

For kite just put in 2 EMAs.
Any how if you create this composite indicator , you have to load it once. But in Kite you just need to do it twice.

Thanks for answer Maddy. for example lets say I want to save this under my studies, is it possible?

Ok! are you online now?

No buddy. I dont have pi now. do you have any link or document? You can just give it here and I will give it a try once I am online with pi.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

  1. For Pi :
    Open a chart.
    Load as many studies as you want. I usually have RSI, Stochastic, MACD, ADX, PSAR, and Supertrend.
    Remember not to keep Pivot points active.
    Just right click anywhere on screen, goto save chart as, select “save as template”.
    Now next time whenever you load a new chart just right click and apply template.
    All indicators will be loaded instantly.
    You can save multiple strategies as templates

  2. For Kite.
    Load all the indicators.
    In views save view

Maddy, looks little confusion here. I want code created under expert advisor to be saved as indicator in studies. so that I can load it whenever I want.
I dont want existing standard indicator codes to be applied.

search on google zerodha expert advisors.
and put in here the url of the website you get so that I can guide further. not working on my net :frowning:
1st result will do

You offline? bye then

I can see under study in web based kite that user has their own customized study saved (ex - Ravi / GopalKrishnan Range Index) along with standard indicators. I want to save my own customize study like this.

They are not “customized”, “personal” studies!!!
They are well known personalities.
They developed those indicators.
Hence they are included.