Compulsory delivery or physical delivery of options stocks


I am not sure what SEBI is getting by keeping this rule, but we retail traders are loosing heavily. Over the last five years I used to make some money on last four days and even the losses used to be minimal. Most of the reatil might be the case. With this new rule and most brokers not allowing to trade on the final four days is killing retail traders,. Finaly it will kill the broking firms too.
I am pretty sure 50 percent more revenue for zerodha comes on the last four days, compared to initial trading days.
When this rule is going off… ?
If not why can’t zerodha allow to trade in these scripts ?


u mean bank nifty? ya that sucks


No… it’s stocks…


Deep in the money or at the money? i managed to buy at the money on maruthi


and yes compulsory physical delivery only hurts retail traders. Their reason was it will stop big hands from moving the market at their favor during final hours of expiry, which is stupid. These big hands have lot of money, they will just gladly accept physical delivery and sell it next day even 1 or 2 percent loss because they already multiplied their money in derivative market by moving the index and stocks at their favor.
but for retail traders expiry week is golden opportunity to make good money because of cheap premiums, but it stops us from holding the option once it goes in the money.

If SEBI really wanted to help they have every client record, they can pinpoint who abusing the market and ban them. With this SEBI just telling us, hey we reacted to your complaints and made changes by nerfing you profit making but we cant go against big hands they have political power etc etc…


THIS IS THE PRECISE REASON in my understanding which is killing the market . 4 days is non investor friendly attitude of broker but why even 1 day or 2 day in advance ? what is meaning of expiry date if brokers put such restrictions.