Compulsory physical delivery of ITM bull put spread

I have this question specifically for zerodha, how you handle this.
I have put spread and I am expecting both legs to expire ITM. which makes physical delivery compulsion.

Q1 . If I have spread ( long and short) , do I really need to take any delivery or they adjust each other ?
Q2. How Margin requirement will be calculated for me as we approach expiry.
Q3. Any other extra charges applicable to me other than max loss( MTM loss) suppose to happen in this case.
Q4. How final prise of strike will be taken once contract expire, because it may be off by big difference due to lack of liquidity. is it from last traded value or some other fair logic of calculation.

If both the legs expire ITM, your physical delivery obligation will be netted-off, meaning, you don’t have to give or take delivery of underlying shares.

The margin requirement for Long ITM Options start increase from expiry minus 4 days as exchange blocks physical delivery margins as a percentage of applicable margins of the underlying stock.

For short option position the margin requirement will increase to be 40% of the contract value or SPAN + Exposure margin, whichever is higher, on expiry day.

For netted-off positions, brokerage charges will be applicable at 0.1% and STT at 0.1% on the contract value. You can learn more about physical settlement here.

Settlement will happen at intrinsic value. You can learn more on moneyness of option here.

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Thanks, that clarifies everything.