Confused about Intraday losses while filing IT Return

I am a salaried individual with income greater than minimum exempt income.
I am a rookie trader, with <10000 STCG last year, and a intraday loss of Rs. 52. My total turnover of intraday is Rs. 52 for last FY.

I am okay about filing STCG. But for the Intraday losses I am confused. If I file the loss, it’s showing audit recommended in Quicko as per IT guidelines as my salary is >2.5L and profit is <6%.

I am sceptical about tax audit for such small amount.

Do I have any option? I don’t want to carry forward the losses as well. Please guide…

Safely ignore Rs 52 intraday loss.
Show the stcg in itr 2 and pay tax.

There will not be a query or notice on this intraday negligible value.

If you are scared that you will receive notice (you won’t for sure), then show 6 percent of 52 as profit.