Confused in StopLoss

Simple Example
Crude@ 3700
Price @ 3705 and Trigger Price @ 3695 

is it correct for long?

Simple Query i want to buy Crude @ 3705 and Manage Loss of 10 points say 3695

Now Crude @3705 and Buy order executed, if it fells to 3695 will SL trigger ???

My question is i want to place Buy order with stoploss.....and vice versa ...

Dont redirect me to the link .... Nitin already helped me...

Other than query: 

Today i came to know one more thing, MIS and Market order are two different scenario...i placed MIS@ Buy and Normal @ Sell and net position is not squared i called to Zerodha Office and squared off at the loss of Net Value Rs -50 ....LOL

But i am happy because i am fighting with my Aadrenaline​ Rush Symptoms ....and with loss of -50 it boos up my confidence ...

Fahad, answered your query on the post:

F1 is correct.

Once F1 is executed,

F2, a limit selling order at 3715
F3, a SL-M Sell order at 3695.

That is like placing 3 different orders. also once either F2 or F3 gets executed, you will have to cancel the other one manually.

MIS, NRML, BO, CO, are all product types. MIS/BO/CO are intraday products whereas NRML is overnight.

Limit/Market/SL are order types, and has nothing to do with the above.

So, if you buy as MIS and sell as NRML, it is as good as taking two positions. MIS for Intraday and NRML for overnight. MIS will get squared off, whereas you will end up holding NRML overnight. :slight_smile:

If you want to place a buy order along with stop loss and target (all three) in a single order, then you should use Bracket Orders.