Confusing bracket orders

Hi @NithinKamath, I just want to reiterate what many already have already said. There is lot of confusion in placing bracket orders, so if we select LIMIT while placing a BUY/SELL Bracket order and the current market price is above/below the LIMIT price respectively then the order will still be executed as MARKET order. Customer care informed me that in above mentioned case we have to select SL and not LMT if we want to execute it as LIMIT order.

My concern here is all these create so much confusion, I mean is it not possible to execute as LIMIT order when we select the LIMIT option irrespective of position of current market price. I can understand there might be technical limitations or restrictions from exchanges, just suggesting that interface is made less confusing. Thanks.

Great platform by the way!!!

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If your buy price is above LTP, it will be always executed as market order.
Similarly, if sell price is below LTP, it will be always executed as market order.
Zerodha only takes your orders to the exchange. It’s upto them to execute it.

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+1 upstox has way better order placing simpleness. Zerodha can learn from it

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You just need to familiarize yourself with the option. Here’s everything you need to know about using bracket orders:

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Yeah, why don’t you post this on the Upstox forum. oh, wait they don’t have one!

@RahulKhanna if I donot get any benefit if Upstox or Zerodha makes any profit and I think you also donot make any benefit, so why the negativity man?

If someone is effectively doing something good, learn from it and move on!
Upstox has better order placing simpleness , if you use it once you will agree . No bias ness please!

yeah thanks, Actually I had already mentioned the option in my above concern, was just giving feedback to make trader’s life less complicated.