Confusion about Bracket Order in Kite

I’ve been trying to understand it. But the docs are very unclear.

#1: Are these fields “Stoploss”, “Target”, “Trailing stoploss” in BO relative to “Price” in INR or they are absolute values?

#2: I assume “Stoploss Trigger price” in “Cover Order” is an absolute value?

#3: Also I will appreciate if anyone can explain how this order will go to give me idea about it

Price: 100
Stoploss: 4
Target: 10
Trailing Stoploss: 2

when you use BO, two orders are placed.
One is for stop loss and another for Target.
in this case the target order ( sell order) will be placed at 110. ( 10 points).
Stop loss will be at 96 ( 4 points).
Now, whenever the stock moves 2 points in your direction, the stoploss order will change and move 4 points ahead. which in this case will be 100. So, if stock goes at 102 ( 2 points move) the stop loss order will automatically get updated to 100 .
I assumed that you are long in that example.



Do I enter these value as 100/10/4/2 in the BO form or 100/110/96/2?

What if stock jumps from 100 to 103 in one step, new SL will be 100 or 101?

You’ll get all your answers here:

absolute values irrespective of price