Confusion about bracket/trailing stop loss

bracket order limit buy infy at 1000 Rs.
taget - 20 Rs.
stop loss - 10 Rs. so it will stop loss at 990 Rs.
trailing stop loss - 1 Rs.

Now I understand that everyone rupee it goes up …my stop loss will also go higher …for example if stock goes to 1005 Rs. - my Stop loss will move to 995 Rs.

But what if I did not book the profit the profit (as my target is not reached yet)…and now stock is going down from 1005 Rs. …lets say it goes to 1002 …what will happen to Stop loss …it will also go down so now Sl will become 992 Rs. ?
Or once SL becomes higher because of trailing it will not go down again ? and if the stock reaches to 995 …it will stop out?

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Yes, the SL which has trailed higher won’t move down if stock starts moving down. As given in your example, it will exit at 995.

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