Confusion about 'Volumes'

This is a snapshot of today’s Sadbhav Engineering’s price action around 1.30 pm. What I don’t understand is how volume could be like this? How do I interpret this?

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Dude, can’t open the screenshot

Fixed now.

See here

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It is simple. Volume is only the number of shares traded till that moment and does not have any relation with ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ quantity which are pending to be filled at that time.

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Thanks for the replies. The literal meanings of volume, buy and sell are very clear to me now. But, I was looking more for a way to interpret the volume, buy and sell numbers. I mean, the screenshot was taken at around 1.30 pm. Just before the start of closing trade and there were so much pending buy/sell orders that was not part of the volume. For last couple of trading days this kept happening that the price would go down till around 1.30/2 pm and then a sudden closing spike would draw the price up a little bit. This led me to believe that the stock is being used just for day trading. I mean long term positions were not happening. I was wondering if this amount of mismatch between volume and buy/sell orders almost throughout the day indicates temporary volatility or not. Anyway, thanks for the replies.

Volume is the number of the shares traded up to that moment of a particular stock. You neeed to keep an eye on that but it does not have any relation to your buy or sell order. You do not need to worry at all about this particular issue. Hope you have found your answer.

Can you repeat your understanding once again?

@Debraj_Das Even I had that confusion.
But now my concern is volume which denotes the number of actual trades.

So Does volume includes intraday trades also ?

If the answer is yes then it does not show the real interest. Real time Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity % is not shown anywhere. It would certainly help traders as well as long time investors.

Exchanges cannot differentiate between intraday or delivery trades.
Volume = no of shares sold = no of shares bought. ( all three are equal)
If I buy, sell, buy, sell intraday then I will add to volume with each transaction (you need to consider only buy or sell transactions and not both added together)
There is something called delivery volume. It will show the no of shares which changed demat for real.

This we get to know on eod basis .
Is there any way to know in live ?

I have 1000000 qt of reliance in my demat.
In the morning 9:16 AM I sold all the quantites using CNC product type in Kite.
Now you know CNC means delivery. right?!
But by 2:00 PM I changed my mind and Bought back all the quantities using same CNC product type.
Thats the intraday trade now.
As I told before 3:30 NSE etc. have no way to tell if a trade taken is delivery of intraday. Only after market close it is confirmed if trrades are delivery or not.
So, there is no concept of intraday or delivery before 3:30.
trades that are closed befor 3:30 are considered as intraday and whatever trades remained open even after market close are delivery trades.
Hence there can’t be any “live delivery quantity”.
Products like CNC, NRML, Margin, MIS are deviced by brokers. Exchanges only knew buy and sell. Intraday and delivery are also categorized as per the net quantity which remains open post 3:30. 0 open qy is intraday. Negative open qt menas you wanna sell from your demat. Positive qt means you wanna add to your demat.

If you do not understand even now plz do tell and I will try to answer giving other examples.

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what about limit orders, quantities which are not disclosed, do they add or not added up to the total volume ?

If they don’t then how do we know how much% on any given day is not disclosed for any particular stock or index options ?

Limit orders almost always gets matched with opposite market orders.
If there is a limit buy order for 100 qt and i gets matched with market sell order of 50 qt – total volume will be 50 only.
If there is a limit buy order for 100 qt and i gets matched with market sell order of 100 qt – total volume will be 100 only.

So yes limit order qt gets added up in total volume.
Not disclosed status is only for order book and not trade book. So order gets exposed as soon as it is traded anyways. So yes it also gets added.