Confusion in filed ITR

I am a salaried individual. For FY 16-17, I had profits from STCG in equity ( not LTCG and no intraday). I also had profits from trading in options too. Now, when I consulted my CA, he filed my returns under ITR 2 as income from other sources but when I read some posts here and also the content on varsity ( which is just awesome ) I observed that ITR 3 is mentioned if there are profits from trading in options.
Im confused which is right ? Is there a problem if my returns have been filed under ITR 2 ? If yes, then is there an issue ?

@TAXIQ.IN. Can you please advise?

Dear Mr Kohli

Trading in Future & option in treated as Non Speculative business Income . If you have only few transactions , the Income can be added under Income from other sources.

Thank you !