Confusion Regarding dividend for a financial year

Hi. I need to file an IT return for FY20-21. While importing my Tax P&L to ClearTax , some of my dividend data also got input through the imported Tax P&L.
Now coming to the confusing part.

One of the dividend dates according to Zerodha is 19/10/2020, but when I check my bank account, the same dividend is credited on 17/11/2020. Why the dates are so apart. Please let me know about this.

Secondly, another stock dividend date is mentioned as 31/03/2021. But I have received the dividend in my bank account on 15/04/2021. So does this dividend count for FY20-21 or FY21-22 since I received it in my bank account after FY21-22 began.

Thirdly, I also received some other dividends apart from these two in FY20-21, why are those not mentioned on the Zerodha console under the dividends received option, or in the Equity dividends section in the tax P&L.

If anyone might know about this, kindly do let me know.

Can someone resolve my confusion please

Is there no one in the community, who might answer it. What’s the whole point of a community then