Confusion Regarding dividend for a financial year

Hi. I need to file an IT return for FY20-21. While importing my Tax P&L to ClearTax , some of my dividend data also got input through the imported Tax P&L.
Now coming to the confusing part.

One of the dividend dates according to Zerodha is 19/10/2020, but when I check my bank account, the same dividend is credited on 17/11/2020. Why the dates are so apart. Please let me know about this.

Secondly, another stock dividend date is mentioned as 31/03/2021. But I have received the dividend in my bank account on 15/04/2021. So does this dividend count for FY20-21 or FY21-22 since I received it in my bank account after FY21-22 began.

Thirdly, I also received some other dividends apart from these two in FY20-21, why are those not mentioned on the Zerodha console under the dividends received option, or in the Equity dividends section in the tax P&L.

If anyone might know about this, kindly do let me know.

Can someone resolve my confusion please