Congratulations to 'Team Zerodha'!

From Monday morning Kite faced issues with the charts due to the introduction of the new style and features. Almost everybody including me got frustrated with so many issues- there were hundreds of complaints in the message board with some even asking zerodha to switch back to the old familiar format. I faced issues , reported them - found out many others are facing the same problems. But boy o boy! what a tremendous backend service by ‘Team zerodha’ within 2 days all problems sorted & solved while trade is ‘on’. I have some knowledge of how bugs are detected and sorted on a running system - i can understand the amount of hard work and precision was required to fix everything, i am sure there were at least 2 sleepless nights, spent fixing the issues. What a fabulous job! Congratulations to Team zerodha & Nithin! Well done. the new system is crisp, sleek , user friendly and error free. i thought it is prudent to congratulate you all for doing this because when the "Sh*t hits the fan " - everybody complains , so did I. but in the same breadth when things are made fine accolades should follow…

Thank you , Zerodha:heart_eyes: