Console Understanding


In holding, I see BL attached to scripts name , what is BL ?

It’s a series in which the scripts are allowed only for block deals.

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Isn’t it attached to script name when you do a block deal?

NSE & BSE categorize stocks based on what they represent, where each series/group represents a different category of stocks, distinguishing them from each other and also the people who can trade them.

Stocks in BL group can only be traded in bulk i.e a minimum of 5 lac shares & from 9:15am to 9:50am.

bit odd… I am small time investor, may be 5K or 10K INR per purchase .
Still i see BL for most of my holdings

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its because the script has entered the series. It’ll be out soon, its not permanent.
It does not affect any investments.

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My doubt is that if a script bears BL in Console after my purchase,Can I sell it in Normal Market, if the quantity is very less?

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@TradeXMaster…Any answer for me??

Yes, you can sell it.