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Are there any tools/websites available online which show an aggregated view of all our wealth irrespective of asset classes like Equities/Mutual Funds/Savings bank account/Insurance account/bonds/Corporate fixed deposits etc.I know few sites like perfios and aditya birla money manager but they are not able to pull all the required info.


RBI last year floated draft regulatory framework for account aggregator (a new kind of NBFC) to facilitate exactly what you just asked for. Check this press release. Things haven’t really moved on this yet, hopefully we will have clarifications from them on how such businesses can proceed. It is the need of the hour for many of us.

Quoting from the RBI press release

Why Account Aggregator?
At present, persons holding financial assets, such as, savings bank deposits, fixed deposits, mutual funds, insurance policies, do not get a consolidated view of their financial asset holdings, especially when the entities fall under the purview of different financial sector regulators. Account Aggregators would fill this gap by collecting and providing the information of customers’ financial assets in a consolidated, organised and retrievable manner to the customer or any other person as per the instructions of the customer. The investors will be able to avail the service of an Account Aggregator purely at their option.
The Reserve Bank will regulate and supervise the activity of account aggregation with a view to ensuring that the services provided and the terms at which these are provided conform to prescribed standards.

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Thank you @NithinKamath for sharing your views on this.These services are very much need of the hour indeed.

Few years back there was one product website I was using which was keeping login info of various bank accounts, dmat etc & would aggregate. I had opted in initially but then was apprehensive about relieving too much of financial details to an organisation. So discontinued. I have tried my best to recollect but not able to.

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Check out

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yes. there is one. occasionally they send mail. whenever i got it, will update here.
NSDL is sending me the consolidated statements in quarterly timeframe. u can try their site.
the statements are also digitally signed

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