continuous losses in commodity trading

I m trading into commodities from last 4 months and I kept on loosing money , every time I make trades some hit stop loss and the price started decreasing just after buying and sometimes it started rising after selling it , can anyone help me out and suggest me some books to know about hedging.

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U may hate me but please accept my request

Stop trading and if u r so passionate join a tradinh firm and work for them

This is gamblers den and it is just 4 months not too late…quit before it wipes out


Do the opposite so you will make profit


Are you buying and selling randomly with a stop loss ? You did not mention what strategy you are following

It’s just four months! Consider this as a lesson. Then do some homework, First learn then trade. If you already know it, probably you wouldn’t lose! If you are losing-that means you still have to know many things about market.

I’ve been trading since 2 years. Now i got an idea how to make money.

This is an open market. Look at other professions, Doctors, engineer’s, architects all other professions won’t finish their studies by few months. It takes time!

Take your own time to understand then think about making money.

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you are not alone dear. majority of the traders lose money,some like you express but most don’t…so my humble request…unless you have an extraordinary strategy don’t trade…be an investor instead with good sound strategy ! good luck

One successful businessman said, "… it TAKES a minimum of 10 years to be successful at anything…

If you are thinking you ll see something in 4 months. You need to snap out of it real quick. Wake up man… WAKE UP… ALARM IS BLARING…