Controlling Emotional Fear


I am hitting all my targets in Game without fear. But when it comes to reality i fear lot to wait for hitting my targets & then i exit all my positions and later see the target hitting.

How can i control my Emotional Fear?


In game? The moneycontrol game?
You should assign a stop loss at appropriate level.
Whenever you see some profit, book it! Don’t be greedy.


Nope not moneycontrol.

I use BO in both game and Reality


So, your targets are hitting in every trade? I mean you open a position, you square it off and then it reaches target?
Always this case? There must be many trades where after hitting stop loss, the price does not recover.


Dont use any exposure. Just trade only with the money you have…

Watch Mark Douglas videos - Trading in the zone… there are some free videos in youtube


I have been trading for the past 6 months and still couldn’t get out of this emotional fear. Most of the case, I lost either because of being greedy or due to my personal attachments with the trade I make.

Couldn’t agree more as this is something which haunts every trader :frowning: