Conversion of old physical share certificates

My brother who was in Canada for more than 25 years recently found some physical share certificates in his bank vault which he held prior to moving abroad. Can somebody advise me whether these companies are now listed/existing and if so can he get the certificates converted in to Demat format and whom to contact for the same and the procedure to be followed,The following are the details

Details of the companies are given below
Gujarat State Fertilizers Ltd (stocks)
Gujarat State Fertilizers Ltd( Debentures. )
Lloyds Finance (stocks)
Lloyds Finance (Fuly convertible Debentures)
Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. (Stocks)
Leena Textiles Ltd (Stocks)
Fly up Fashions

Check online if it is delisted
Open a demat account preferably with zerodha
Contact zerodha
Submit physical documents

Thanks for your prompt response. I checked. 2 companies are delisted. so it is gone. OK

I am a very active client of Zerodha for more than 3 years and have won 60 days challenge twice in options trading. After opening account with Zerodha, do I have to contact the respective Compnay or Zerodha ?

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