Convert CNC to MIS on T+1

I bought some shares today using CNC. As you know these shares will be delivered to me on T+2. But I dont want to wait for 2 days, I want to sell shares tomorow itself. Could I convert the shares tomorow to MIS and sell it. Is there any thing that I need to take care of or something else. Is it possible.

No need to convert it to MIS. It will be available in holdings tab with T+1 sign. Simply sell it. That’s all.

Can you do this for all listed companies or is there a limit to this BTST?

Apart from trade to trade category, rest all are available for BTST.
Trade to Trade category shares are compulsorily delivery as per exchange rule.

you can sell them as BTST but if the stock is not liquid you may be charged with penalty. Read