Converting IDFC infrastructure bonds to Demat

Hello ,
I have IDFC infrastructure bonds in physical form . It needs to be converted to demat. I have zerodha account. May I know how to do that?

Once converted to demat, I was told by Karvy that I can sell these bonds as the lock in period is over. Has anybody done this ? please advise …


I also had IDFC Infra bonds in physical form. When I had enquired for dematerialization, I was told Zerodha would charge Rs 150 per certificate + Rs 100 courier charges+18% GST.

I went to HDFC Demat desk and got it dematerialized for only Rs 45 in my HDFC Securities account.

What I have noticed is Zerodha while equity delivery is free and intraday trading charges are less compared to other brokers, the other services are quite expensive. More than the money it is a time-consuming process. Imagine you sending documents by courier. Them receiving it, and then they send it to the RTA for the dematerialization. How much time it takes. Too long shot.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I will check with other bank. I do not have HDFC account though. Were you able to sell them once you converted them to demat format?


We’ve explained the process here.

No. Mine is still in the lock-in period.