Corona Bonds for Money

Can the government launch Corona Bonds? Which will help the government to get money for medical expenses so that they don’t have to break the existing piggy bank?

You can always contribute to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.
You also get 100% tax exemption for your donation under section 80(G).

Yaah, we can but I think Corona bonds can be a good initiative towards the relief fund.

Investments and Donations are two different things. When you donate you don’t look for returns.

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The WHO does issue these kind of bonds called as Pandemic Bonds. If you hold one of these bonds, you get paid as long as a thee’s no pandemic during the duration of the bond. These are similar to catastrophe bonds. The holders of cat bonds get paid as long as a hurricane or a cyclone doesn’t come to pass during the tenure of the bonds. These bonds are among hedge funds and other large pools of capital because they are uncorrelated to the markets making them an excellent diversifier.

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Hey thanks. But after Coronavirus, I lost trust on WHO

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