CORONA-VIRUS -Live update

Most news channels shows just the number of cases and deaths due to coronavirus.

Below website shows how many recovered and further more detailed statistics by age and gender. Also duration of infection, recovery time, symptoms, etc.

Spread this to educate people and avoid panic by just looking at the number of cases and deaths.

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Wow at 200k confirmed cases. Hope they can recovered quickly. Please stay home and recover as soon as possible.

death also increasing to touch 8000 , very bad and sad , in china 5 whole family are dead completely

even china is hiding lot of things from world , there is more severe hit ,


Trump on the coronavirus:

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Please take it seriously next few weeks are very crucial for us,
Please stay safe🙏

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Trump is just…I can’t believe he is the president of united states :yawning_face:

COVID-19: CII for Rs 5,000 cash transfer to 20 cr people

Seems INDIAN Govt. Preparing for worst.



This has nothing to do with COVID (hopefully). Analysts think its because people are giving up multiple 4G sims to use one 5G sim:

Hopefully you are right otherwise this info is extremely scary.

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