Corporate Actions Historical Data via API or Kite

I have a list of about 200 symbols (basically all those that trade in F&O segment). Is there a way of using the Kite API - Python or any other - to loop through the symbols and retrieve the entire history of corporate actions by each symbol?

There is a Python library for Yahoo that can pull the list of corporate actions for a symbol, but unfortunately it returns null value for all Indian stocks.

I suggest to the Zerodha team to create a category/sub-category for the Trading Q&A forum called Kite API for programmers.


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If you want to pull all corporate actions using python, then there is a blog on Quantinsti website which demonstrates how to pull all such information. The blog also gives you the code needed. I can not post the link here but you can go to the blogs section and search for “Extracting Historical Earnings Data Using Python”