Cover order clarification

can i modify cover order above the current market price ? example

buy 100 , Stop loss 90

value 110 stop loss 90

value 120 stop loss - 130 ( i mean for profit booking ) . same for sell .

In cover orders you can put stop losses only. Therefore, the value of the stop loss should be less than the current market price in case of BUY and Vice versa.

If you want to put both SL and TARGET then it is better to use BRACKET ORDERS.

See my example.i out sell stop loss above LTP

In the example what i understand is that the market price of the stock is 110 and you want to put a SL of 130(for profit booking)… This is not possible in CO. Your SL in this case has to be less than 110… If you try to put your SL above 110, then the stop loss order will get executed at the market price which is 110…

Thanks souvik.i understood.