Cover Order execution

Number of selling quantity 20 @ 200.15

I want to buy 20 lots of these on cover order

But, in 4 trades with 5 lot in each trade at the same order so that i can have all the lots at the same time’

How to do it?

Could you please reframe your question in another way? It’s quite confusing to understand.

I guess you are talking about buying partially but that is not possible in BO and CO.

First let me tell you what i have been observing and thinking. This is in context to Zinc futures.And the markets are taking sudden turns either due to the volatility in LME or USD/INR.

So, i want to buy the zinc in cover order in different trades @ same price @ same time and later on exit the individual trades accordingly to lock in the profit/loss.

Total Sell Quantity 20 lots @ price 200.15 ( market depth showing @ 3.31 p.m)

I want to buy these 20 lots in cover order, but not in a single trade, I want to get these 20 lot in 4 trade with 5 lot each in each trade but @ 3.31 p.m. only , so if i try to do it by entering 4 different trade it will take around 2-3 minutes and by the time price may change (not everytime).

So now how can i buy these 20 lots without losing the time

Yes. It is partial buying, but there gotta be some way.