Cover order for commodity

While trading in commodity crude oil if I place a buy Cover Order for 3290 with SL 3270 and it gets executed. Now if I want to sell this at 3320, I place a regular sell order for the same qty. When price comes to 3320 will all my holdings gets squared off. I mean my Cover order SL n all?

As product type is different for Cover order and regular order, if you place regular order for sell it will be treated as separate entry order. so you should not place separate regular order

If you want to clear CO position you have to go to order book and select the SL order from open orders and click on exit to get it executed at market price.

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Hi AlgoGeek,
While exiting, is it possible to modify the SL order for a cover order (Limit) to exit at our predefined price? Or does this get executed at Market price?