Cover order SL Modify or Trail



Suppose I bought 10 xyz shares at rs 500 with cover order in which 498 is trg price (sl price AFAIK). The trg price range at the time of placing order was say 495 to 500rs.

Now the question:
If stock rises to say 505, can I modify the trg price to say 502 (more than 500 limit that was provided while placing the order)? This could help in trailing my sl further.

Secondly as people say that u need to exit the Co position from order page, what happens if I place a separate sell order of 10 qty. Will it get shorted with new order or squared off the current position.

Third… Plz someone help in shorting. Whenever I place a short order at some limit price, it just executed at whatever price is running. Possibly with an example in Co type.

Thank you so much guys.


Bump… Anybody plz?


YES. You can.

It will get shorted with new order.

Works Correctly.It is designed to fill at Market Price.


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Then what if i want to short at a price lower than cmp with CO order. Or any other way?


Not Possible with Cover Order.

  1. Research into the new Trigger Entry feature on Bracket Orders.

  2. Stop Loss SELL orders as Trade Entry.


Is this correct. Or should i select Limit instead or SL in a BO order.
Assumption: CMP 504, want to short at 503, SL 505, TGT 500.

Are TGT and trailing SL compulsory? I want to keep changing my SL as per my liking. And does questions asked for CO satisfy BO as well?