Coverting MIS to BO

Can we convert MIS to BO after the MIS order is executed? BO placing order becomes difficult, but if i can buy from Quick order(PI chart , MIS) i ll get the instant price and fast order placement and execution, so then once that is executed i can select my SL and TGT and convert that to BO to get the leverage and free up some Margin? if the feature is not available can it be made available? @nithin

That option is not possible but one can place BO order on pi and on next initiation BO will come up with previous set points for target and SL. This should help in placing BO quickly.

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@siva Thats good idea, but say if i am working in a price range rather than a specific price, then that will still be slow right?

@siva if the above feature is enabled then instant order execution and when converted to BO from MIS, i can free 2/3 of margin.