Create a 'All Or None' order with Zerodha

Hi, I am little new to the stock markets and recently started using Zeroda. While browsing Zerodha literature, I came across this Why did my order get executed at different price points?. Until reading this, I did not know that orders can be partially filled.

Q1. So, is there a way that I can place a ‘All Or None’ kind of order with Zerodha or any DP.

e.g. I have placed a Limit Order to sell 100 shares of XYZ stock at Rs. 200. I want this order to execute completely i.e. Only if exactly 100 shares(not lesser) can be sold at Rs. 200, the order shall get executed.

Q2 I read about GTT as well. Does GTT honour the quantity of the order as well or just the price?

Q3 If the order gets completed with partial fulfillment(20 shares at 200 , 50 shares at 200, 30 shares at 200), will be I charged commissions by Zerodha/CDSL etc for each partially filled order?

Not possible for retail as I know.

GTT is just a trigger, once triggered it is as good as placing regular order.