Create a strategy for hdfc bank

Hi All,

Please help me to create strategy for **HDFC bank** in streak condition as follow -

buy at 9:35 candle when it crosses the high of 9:30 candle SL is low of 9:30 candle exit at end of the day or 5 to 7 % profit

i tried for candle time but not able to deploy

Hi @sujit_magar

I have created a strategy as per my understanding of your requirements using the Nth candle function. Click on the below link to view the strategy conditions.

The above strategy will generate a trigger when the 9:35 5-minute candle crosses and closes above the previous (i.e. 9:30 5-minute candle high). I have kept the SL value at 99% and the target profit at 6% and have mentioned the exit conditions to generate an exit trigger when a candle closes below the 9:30 candle low.

Refer to the following link to learn about the Nth candle function in detail - Indicators - Streak Help

Additionally, you can also write the same condition using the Candle time function. Refer to the below image to learn how to do this:

Here, because I have used the candle time function and selected the 9:35 candle, The Close(0) becomes the 9:35 candle and the High(-1) is the previous candle i.e. the high of the 9:30 candle.

Hope this helps.