Csv file import & export watchlist

Most of the time we are spending our time adding stock in watch list and deleting. I would like to request to provide tool import & export to csv stock watchlist from zerodha kite web platform.

thanks .


What purpose does this serve?

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User will not have to manually add stocks , F&O to their watchlist.

One can create a master excel with rules and create market watch column accordingly

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I am looking for the same as tradingview platform. it has an import & export watchlist feauture.


time saving for adding and deleting many stocks if you have all stock in excel.


what is the use of this platform, if no representatives from the zerodha do not respond. me too facing the same problem when i have anlyze more stocks and i am missing many stocks because of limited watch list. i request zerodha to increase te no. of watch lists or else provide import and export facility.

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i hope we will get this tools soon from zerodha.

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@Bhuvan @nithin Every self-respecting platform should have some interoperability to export and import watchlists (and Holidings/portfolios). Many folks use tradingview/investing.com platforms to create their watchlist but can’t import. I also want to export holdings/portfolio so that I can do my advanced analysis (tradingview with custom indicators).

please do consider.

If there is large number of stocks have to add in watchlist then it took lot of time, so we can miss golden opportunity to buy or sell particular stock.

Updates on this?

plus one (+1)

Even I would like to have this :slight_smile:

I also support this feature ( watchlist to import/export symbol names )
Pls provide in Kite

Please provide csv upload feature to watchlist so that we can use it properly. Currently many people are paying tradingview for this feature. It will help part time traders a lot. Please help
@siva @Bhuvan

Hey! you dont have to pay trading view to get this - import.

Download list of companies from Nse website.
Use the concatenate function in excel/sheets. just copy and paste in TV.
(search in internet for videos/articles on how to do this).
Its pretty simple. about 1000 scripts can be added at once.

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No plans currently. Will look into it down the line.

Don’t understand you. I don’t want to add one ticker at a time. I want to add > 100 symbols at once. I have the ticker symbols in an excel but can’t add it to the watchlist easily. (I have to add it one by one)

Hey TradexMaster. Thanks a lot. I understood what you said after watching a video and was able to do it. Is there a way to do similar thing with Kite?

Trading view data is 15 min delayed while kite is real time. Hence asking. Thanks

Unfortunately it’s not possible in kite.
If I’m not wrong only BSE stock data is delayed but NSE gets updated once per second in trading view.