Currency change?

Hello, I have very little experience in investment, but had an important question!

I am thinking of investing in S&P, Vanguard, Berkshire, but I live in Switzerland, currency is in CHF.
I would like to not have any loss later with the change (USD to CHF).

Is it possible to buy them in CHF directly?

Or any other way to not get any loss from the change?

Thank you!

With regard to Vanguard, they have a website for global investor where Switzerland is included. Check out this site. The ETFs are listed in CHF.

Disclaimer: Found this by searching, please do your own research. All the three names you have mentioned are domiciled in USA, hence with my limited knowledge, ultimate investment will be in USD and hence you will be exposed to currency differential between USD and CHF whether direct or indirect.

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Hello ,

You may search some international brokers which allows CHF → ( Do check that they are not converting to USD otherwise its better to convert through other means)

CHF is getting stronger every year against USD so its little risk to convert to USD and then back to CHF over long duration.

For cheapest rate converting CHF to USD you may try wise account . They provide best rates.