Currency index in the watchlist

Hello All,
How to add currency index ( INR=USD) in the watch list on Kite?

Search for USDINR

I get currency derivatives of different strike prices when I search USDINR.
I need d exact exchange value of USD-INR on every trading day, like nifty, banknifty, sensex etc.
It wud be easier to track everything on our customised watchlist at one place.
I guess it is not possible to add d USDINR or other currency values on watchlist.
Kite makers, are u listening?

Thank you…

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yes, dear kite please add index for USD and gold, silver.

USD-INR or any Currency pair and Commodities do not have an underlying Index, you can add Futures contracts, check the below screenshot.

The settlement for Currency pairs in done based on RBI Reference Rate on the expiry day, you can find these on FBIL and/or NSE website, while settlement for Commodity Futures is done based on DDR (Due Date Rate), you can learn more about DDR here.